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Suspended cradles

Temporary suspended cradles for lifting people

Suspended cradles are quite similar to temporary suspended scaffolds and are intended to give access to one or two people to the workstation, they are moved manually, electrically or pneumatically by a hoist. They may be combined with a device such a parapet clamp or suspension beam. Suspended platforms have great handling thanks to their lightness, ensuring highly precise and timely implementation. They do not cause any obstructions at ground level (no space required) and do not emit noise or vibration pollution.

Temporary suspended cradle

FIXATOR : suspended cradles
Motorized or manual suspended cradles for lifting personnel. The individual suspended cradle is an alternative to the suspended scaffold. As with a temporary suspended platform, the suspended cradle is used for lifting... see the product

Pylon cradle

FIXATOR suspended cradles for mast
How to access on a high rise tower lighting? The cradle for large lamp posts is specially designed go up along the post of light towers. These large light towers can be found in stadiums, port areas, airports or... see the product

Single Seat - Bosun chair

fixator - bosun chair
Manual single seat. Mechanical single seat (manual hoist with handle), for façade work in sitting position. The manual bosun chair is equipped with an m.lift® 400 type manual hoist with handle, it enables... see the product

Cradle for small and medium sized wind turbines

FIXATOR - wind turbine cradle
Cradle for small and medium sized wind turbines For small and medium sized wind turbines, FIXATOR has designed a wind turbine access cradle. This motorized cradle provides access to the wind turbine safely.... see the product
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