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FIXEO: suspended platform on masts

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FIXEO : modularity and cost effectiveness.

  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: The FIXEO system enables to use suspended platforms either in suspended scaffold version, or in suspended platform on mast version. A simple change of the carrier stirrup is sufficient! You always use the same platform and the same electric hoists. In this way, the utilisation rate of platform bodies and hoists is better and the return on investment period is greatly reduced.
  • MODULARITY: The FIXEO  suspended platform on mast is extremely adaptable: from 2 to 12 metres in length and up to 100 metres in height. FIXEO  enables to use as many masts as required to cover the façade. The controls of platforms remain independent of one another.

FIXEO : working comfort and safety

The FIXEO  suspended platform on masts enables to considerably reduce the strenuousness of the work thanks to the adjustment of the working level by electrical control.


  •  When a building has a sloping roof or a roof deck that cannot accommodate a suspension beam or parapet clamp, the platform is used with the FIXEO system.
  • The investment return is rapid: more work sites can be equipped with suspended platforms.
  • The storage costs are reduced: the same equipment is used at different types of work sites.
  • Platform from 2 to 12 metres in length
  • Height up to 100 metres
  • Lifting capacity: up to 900 kg
  • Control of platforms independent of one another
  • Possible combination between the traditional suspended scaffolding and FIXEO.
  • Possible juxtaposition of several masts to cover a complete façade.
  • Adjustment of the working level by electrical control: Respecting movement and posture rules.
  • No handling of materials between the floors
  • Direct access to the work station: climbing speed: 9m/min
  • Stability: The pressure exerted against the façade with the tools (e.g. high pressure cleaning) does not cause any movement of the platform.


FIXEO : compatible with hoists and platforms of rivals

The FIXEO suspended platform on mast is compatible with the brands TRACTEL ®, POWERCLIMBER ®, SKYCLIMBER ®, BISOH ® and ALTREX ®.

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