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Ivry sur Seine: e.lift 600 hoists highly appreciated by the users of suspended platforms.

e.lift 600 electric hoists provide real comfort.

M. LEMOINE, Sales director : "The Ivry sur Seine site is the first major project for the e.lift 600 hoist. 16 MODULECO suspended platforms, ranging from 5 to 16 meters, are equipped with the latest addition to the range. Our new electric hoist with electronic overload is used extensively on this renovation project. Mounted on the end stirrup or aluminium gooseneck stirrup, e.lift 600 hoists provide veritable working comfort. Easy to use, quiet, lightweight ... the first users have adopted it as their own!

Large facade contractors are very interested in this new hoist and some are already completely convinced and have decided to modernise their equipment fleet (replacing the Euroliftho): good news for FIXATOR who has invested a lot of time to develop this new hoist!

Innovation serving the building industry

The e.lift 600 hoist is replacing the Euroliftho 600 kg  hoist, a flagship of the brand.

Anne DUBOIS, Head of Marketing: "For many years, FIXATOR has invested heavily in R & D in order to offer its customers unique products:

  • the FIXEO masts platform,
  • the mercury-free GYROSTOP electronic system (the hoist control of suspended scaffolds)
  • first electronic overload scaffold hoist: the e.lift 600. 

This new electric hoist was officially launched at BATIMAT 2011 and 4 months after being placed on the market, we now have confirmation that our customers have been won over by this new generation hoist."

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