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Our "Special Business" Division dedicated to the design of Tailor-Made Solutions

The "tailor-made" solutions offered by FIXATOR

We listen to you, study the feasibility of your project, and then deal with it as quickly as possible! 

We have been designing and manufacturing lifting solutions for personnel and equipment for over 90 years. Our policy has been, is and always will be to offer you effective and cost-efficient solutions that are 100% suitable for your activity.

We know that "standard" lifting solutions cannot always meet your needs for carrying out specific works such as complex building architectures, highly inaccessible workspaces, etc. And that is why we have an entire department dedicated to creating "tailor-made" solutions for you. Our goal is to fulfil the specific needs of your projects down to the very last detail, because each one requires customised support based on your actual needs.


If your project is unique, then our solution must be unique !


A "custom-made" solution will guarantee:

  • That your project can be carried out;
  • The safety and compliance of the works according to the regulations in force;
  • Individualised follow-up;
  • Agility and adaptability.

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