History and know-how

97+ years in the making: a dive into the world of FIXATOR!

Brand creation

The origin of the brand dates back to the early 20th century, when FIXATOR set up a small Parisian workshop known as “Ets FIXATOR – O. Guillemin et Cie” in 1924 to manufacture components and remote controls for the aviation industry. These components used a braking system developed and patented by the design office at the time.

This braking system also made it possible to equip manual hoists with wire-ropes for workers to carry out tasks on gas street lights along the streets of Paris.

Early beginnings

In 1924, FIXATOR became a partner of the French Ministry of War.

The company’s activities took a new turn and it became a specialist in designing components, hand-levers and hoists for controlling airplanes and automobiles.

In 1934, the first hoists for suspended scaffolding were developed. This marked the beginning of a change in market niche that World War II only served to accelerate. FIXATOR experienced a huge surge in demand from the company LAHO (a turning point in its “rise”), which was mostly related to designing hoists for lifting people. At the time LAHO was a leading brand for painters and marketed scaffolding and hoists.

FIXATOR left Paris in 1939 and moved the business to Angers in the department of Maine-et-Loire (49).

An innovative spirit

In 1965, FIXATOR started advancing its solutions and technologies by producing the first motorised wire-rope hoists.

FIXATOR then became a subsidiary of LAHO EQUIPEMENT in the CFAO Group, but remained confined to the French market based on its shareholders’ wishes.

Since its origins, FIXATOR’s history has been marked by innovation and a desire to always go Further, and always go Higher!

The challenge: innovation and international expansion

In 1999, a family group acquired FIXATOR, which is represented by the current Chairman, Bruno PATRON.

Under his leadership, and over time, the company now bases its development on diversification, technological innovation and internationalisation.

These three levers have allowed FIXATOR to build an undisputed reputation in the French market, and to export its expertise in height access solutions in the sectors in which it operates: Building, Elevator, Industry & Infrastructure, Wind Power and Sports & Entertainment.

Opening its two subsidiaries based in China (Shanghai – 2005) and the United States (New York – 2018), respectively, has also allowed FIXATOR to develop new markets, particularly in Asia, Oceania and North America, where it offers products and services that precisely meet both the local needs and the regulatory standards required in each country, which has made it stand out in a controlled way while it continues to work on its ability to adapt and innovate.

Internationalisation has led to the creation of a network of new partners.

FIXATOR currently has a large network of service points and distributors throughout mainland France / French overseas territories and around the world, and it exports to more than 50 countries.

All over the world, at the local level, through our production site, our offices, our subsidiaries, our partners and our distribution network, our teams put all their energy and will into building solid and trusted partnerships in order to innovate, develop and move forward together in the same direction.

This is where the key to success lies