Our mission

When you use one of our suspended solutions, you enter a world with unlimited height access.

FIXATOR’s mission is to supply professionals who lease, sell and/or use suspended height access systems in France and around the world.

We constantly focus on the needs and new expectations of our customers and design innovative lifting solutions that are easy to use and very safe.

We also have an entire department dedicated to creating “custom-made” solutions. Our goal is to fulfil the specific needs of work projects down to the very last detail, because each one requires customised support based on the actual needs.

Our speciality for more than 97 years: suspension

The suspended scaffolds (or suspended platforms) that FIXATOR design are different from tubular / fixed scaffolds. Our suspended platforms, cradles and bosun chairs do not rely on the ground. They are raised using one or more wire-rope hoists connected to a suspension system (beams, parapet clamps, or masts), which allows the user to move up and down along a facade and have no working height limit.

The solutions offered by FIXATOR have excellent stability and are specially designed for carrying out construction, maintenance or repair works on high-rise buildings, including those with complex architecture.

All products developed by us aim to reduce occupational health risks for the men and women using them, and increase cost effectiveness at work sites.

Our products are designed in accordance with the safety requirements of the following International Standards:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (Europe)
  • EC EN 1808 (Europe)
  • SASO (Saudi Arabia)
  • UL (North America: United States and Canada)
  • CSA (North America: United States and Canada)

All our internal processes are carried out according to ISO 9001 version 2015, and are certified by LRQA.

Our values

The FIXATOR culture is based on human values ​​above all, which means that a sense of team spirit, know-how and interpersonal skills are the core values of our various businesses and partnerships. These values guide our daily actions and constitute a framework for the projects we implement for our customers.

A sense of team spirit is all about openness, exchanging experience, sharing skills, and passing on expertise and know-how. It is also about being ready to change, available and open to everyone involved with a genuine desire to undertake, build and succeed together.

These values ​​are upheld by our teams, who work with one sole objective: to constantly seek ways to improve the satisfaction of our customers in France and around the world.

So wherever you may be, we are here to carefully assess your needs, and then get back to you with the optimal solution that meets your expectations.

We are constantly looking for ways to optimise our processes and efficiency, so that we can maximise our performance, the quality of our products and the services we provide.

We also guarantee the services level expected by our customers in terms of our quality commitment and delivery times, and always strive to do better.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a feat that requires skills, expertise, thoroughness, safety and a job well done.

Our philosophy: to always be at the forefront, and keep looking to the future.