Our team

The sum of multiple areas of expertise.
Experienced professionals with multidisciplinary skills.
A diversity of business.

FIXATOR is an independent French SME that has manufactured hoists and suspended platforms for 97 years, and employs 33 people at its production site in Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou (49 – Maine-et-Loire – France).

Synergy for the benefit of the customer

Our industrial processes bring together many areas of expertise: welders, engineers, electricians, assemblers, project managers and other specialists. Our team is made up of various professions who constantly strive to bring professionalism, energy and love to the process of designing and manufacturing our height access solutions.

The company employs a diversity of professions represented by women and men, each an expert in their respective field.

We maintain total control over all essential components of our industrial processes: from production to assembly, which includes machining, finishing and quality control.

Unity is strength

FIXATOR provides its various know-how to customers in France and around the world, by means of its two subsidiaries and distribution network.

Our two subsidiaries in China (Shanghai) and the US (New York), respectively, are joining forces and arming themselves with the means necessary to push the development of our solutions further and further and expand our product ranges, in order to meet market requirements and our customers’ expectations, which will involve sharing skills, expertise, appropriate equipment and new technological approaches.

« For many years now, FIXATOR has been a market leader in suspended height access solutions in France.

Since its acquisition in 1999, I have made it my mission to raise the profile of this almost 100-year-old company.

We have embarked on significant international expansion as a company, which our Fixator Asia (China) and Fixator North America (US) subsidiaries only serve to demonstrate.

At the same time, we have continued to develop our domestic market and provide our French customers and partners with cutting-edge technical and business support services.

This national and international development strategy is based on a dynamic innovation policy that allows us to focus on the present in order to meet our future challenges.

Our world-renowned expertise prevails because we are a close-knit community of colleagues from different backgrounds, who are all striving towards a common goal. I am proud to work alongside these like-minded colleagues and share their desire for exemplary and sustainable development. »


The sales team

Clément CHAMIGNON - Commercial Director
Clément CHAMIGNONCommercial Director
Jory Chauvin - Sales assistant
Jory ChauvinSales assistant
Jessica PINEAU - Sales Assistant France/Export
Jessica PINEAUSales Assistant France/Export
Céline LE BOURDIEC - Sales Assistant France/Export
Céline LE BOURDIECSales Assistant France/Export
Arnaud BRUNET - Sales Manager France
Arnaud BRUNETSales Manager France
Sabrina BETTI - Marketing & Communications Manager
Sabrina BETTIMarketing & Communications Manager
Emmanuel LUSSEAU - Business Manager
Emmanuel LUSSEAUBusiness Manager
Bernard RAVILLY - Industrial Designer
Bernard RAVILLYIndustrial Designer
Michaël KNIPILLAIRE - After Sales Manager
Michaël KNIPILLAIREAfter Sales Manager
Loïc CHESNEAUX - Electrical Mechanic Repairman
Loïc CHESNEAUXElectrical Mechanic Repairman

The research & development team

Myrtil OUVRARD - Innovation & Development Director
Myrtil OUVRARDInnovation & Development Director
Augustin CAILLEAU - Project Manager
Augustin CAILLEAUProject Manager
Hermann FOCK - Project Manager
Hermann FOCKProject Manager
Clément VIGIER - Project Manager (Apprentice)
Clément VIGIERProject Manager (Apprentice)

The production team

Philippe AURILLARD - Workshop Manager
Philippe AURILLARDWorkshop Manager
Christophe M. - Scheduling Manager
Christophe M.Scheduling Manager
Théo CABETE - Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager
Théo CABETEPurchasing & Supply Chain Manager
Eric CADEAU - Warehouse Leader
Eric CADEAUWarehouse Leader
Nicolas MAUGIN - Warehouse Operator
Nicolas MAUGINWarehouse Operator
Julien FOURNIER - Quality Controller
Julien FOURNIERQuality Controller
Clovis RONCERAY - Project Manager (Apprentice)
Clovis RONCERAYProject Manager (Apprentice)

11 specialised skilled workers: turners, millers, welders, mechanics, electrical mechanics, electricians, logistics support, etc.