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Atrium maintenance

Atrium maintenance

Maintenance units for patios, atriums and curtain walls

For atrium maintenance, glass cleaning and repairs in vast interior spaces, FIXATOR works with architects and builders to provide the most appropriate permanent suspended platform solutions to the specific architecture of buildings. These suspended permanent platforms are combined with a monorail system within the atrium.  Permanent suspended platforms can be built as standard or according to very specific technical specifications, they can be designed for lifting many people or lifting individuals.

Permanent suspended platform

FIXATOR building maintenance units BMU
Permanent suspended platforms for windows cleaning on high rise building . For washing windows and façade maintenance on tall glazed buildings (curtain walls), it is best to use a permanent platform. The... see the product

Permanent cradle and bosun chair

FIXATOR building maintenance units - cradle
Permanent suspended cradle for façade cleaning. Cradle equipped with a 380V electric hoist, permanently installed on a dedicated building and combined with a terrace carriage or monorail system.... see the product

Tailor made suspended platform

FIXATOR building maintenance units cradles and hoists
Design and manufacture of tailored permanent suspended platforms. To meet the architectural constraints of a high-rise building FIXATOR can design and manufacture custom suspended platforms. According to... see the product

Suspended cradle

FIXATOR : suspended cradles
Motorized or manual suspended cradle Ideal for limited access Secure Modulable   The suspended cradle is an alternative to the suspended platform . The difference is the cradle only... see the product
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