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Façade insulation

Façade insulation

Height access systems for façade insulation work

Manufacturer of motorised suspended scaffolds, FIXATOR provides lifting equipment for companies specialising in the exterior insulation of building façades. For both economic, energy savings and environmental reasons, many façade thermal insulation projects are in progress all over the world. FIXATOR supports companies specialising in insulation installation. By offering specially tailored suspended platforms, hoists for lifting personnel and equipment, FIXATOR helps companies to carry out their work in perfectly safe conditions. The perfect match of our mobile platforms to the site needs guarantees a superb job.

Suspension beams

FIXATOR - suspension beam
Beam attachment for personnel lifting: telescopic roof beam with counter weights FIXAPOUTRE Suspension beams (or suspension gantries) are used on terraces for temporary suspended platforms , individual cradles... see the product
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