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Shaft installation

Shaft installation

Hoists, electric winches and scaffolding for the construction of elevator shafts

For the installation of elevator shafts, sealing, securing rails, installing lighting etc. in elevator shafts, FIXATOR provides winches for lifting personnel and lifting equipment specially designed for elevator professionals. Our personnel lifting hoists can be mounted on the top of the elevator car, walls, the elevator pit or on a false car. All our hoists meet the required safety requirements for the elevator trade, incorporating control and safety devices. In addition to hoists for lifting people, FIXATOR provides construction winches with a load capacity from 100 to 1000 kg, with various elevation speeds depending on the needs of each site.

False car

FIXATOR False car
False Car, motorized suspended platforms for elevators For building high-rise elevator shafts,  FIXATOR has designed a motorised elevator professional scaffold for the EC. False car  is installed in the... see the product
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