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Industrial boiler

Industrial boiler

Height access systems for the maintenance of industrial boilers

Manufacturer of construction hoists and hoists for lifting people, FIXATOR offers a range of lifting solutions tailored to the maintenance of large industrial boilers. Our suspended platforms are designed to pass through manholes. Our suspended scaffolds can also be made with adjustable angles or be made-to-measure, according to precise specifications. For inspection work requiring light and reduced access systems, FIXATOR offers lifting solutions for a maximum of two persons: the modular cradle, manual single seats (manual hoist) or individual motorised seats (with electric hoist). For lifting equipment, FIXATOR provides construction hoists of different load capacities and with various elevation speeds, as required by the site.

Electric hoist MOTRIX

Traction and lifting electric hoist
Electric hoist three-phase: MOTRIX   MOTRIX , electric hoist with wire-rope passage is used for lifting or traction of equipment and is ideal for work at large heights. Lifting capacity:... see the product

Suspended cradle

fixator suspended cradles
Motorized or manual suspended cradle Ideal for limited access Secure Modulable   The suspended cradle is an alternative to the suspended platform . The difference is the cradle only... see the product
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