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Internal access

Internal access

Height access system for wind turbines - internal access

The service lift allows wind farm maintenance technicians to work safely. The owners of wind turbines and operators of wind farms know that a motorised access system is a good investment to improve the working conditions for technicians and to maintain the profitability of wind farms. FIXATOR has completed its range with a ladder climb assist system, and equipment hoists.

Whether working on new wind farms or upgrading existing ones, FIXATOR has 90 years of expertise in the design of lifting systems. Thus, FIXATOR service elevators can be mounted in any type of wind turbine tower. Our engineers constantly develop new access systems to meet all the needs of the wind power industry.

EXOLIFT - Climb assistant

FIXATOR - Climb assistant for scale in wind turbine
EXOLIFT, ladder climbing assistance system making technicians lives easier: A system that adapts intuitively to the operator for full working comfort. EXOLIFT: A veritable consideration of the morphology of the... see the product
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