Curtain wall cleaning / atrium maintenance

Our permanent suspended cradles, bosun chairs and platforms have been specially designed to be permanently installed on a property/building. They are used for carrying out curtain wall cleaning or maintenance works.

Connected to a suspension system (monorail, terrace carriage or masts), our permanent suspended access solutions powered by electric hoists facilitate access to the entire facade.

Permanent suspended platforms provide a safe and convenient working environment.

To meet the architectural constraints of high-rise buildings, we design and manufacture custom-made permanent suspended platforms, the dimensions, colours and functionalities of which are adapted to the needs of the building. Our team remains at your disposal should you require any further information.

Many accessories can be associated to our entire permanent range, such as aluminium sheet fairing, a removable tray for electric cables, spring-loaded winders, telescopic support wheels, spotlights, a rotating beacon, etc.

Permanent suspended platforms are fitted with safety systems that place them in the category of Collective Protection Equipment (CPE).