Electrical control boxes are designed for controlling the operations of electric wire-rope personnel lifting hoists. They can control one or more hoists. They are available in single-phase or three-phase version EN 1808.

The boxes also vary when used with a suspended platform, an individual cradle or a bosun chair.

Control boxes are equipped with a device to limit tilting of the platform. It is also possible to carry out manual rebalancing.

GYROSTOP SYSTEM (tilt and overturn control)

The GYROSTOP system integrated into the control box ensures that:

  • The power supply of the hoist is cut off and the hoist is automatically levelled as soon as the tilt exceeds 6°;
  • The power supply of the hoists is cut off as soon as the tilt exceeds 10°;
  • The power supply of the two hoists is cut off if the tipping point of the platform exceeds 20°;
  • The power supply cut-offs caused by spurious movements are cancelled;
  • The roll-prevention system will not be disrupted in the event of a control box impact.