Chimneys / Boilers

FIXATOR offers a specific range of equipment for personnel lifting and material lifting for carrying out repair works on towers, smoke flues, replacing means of access and maintaining large industrial boilers and chimneys.

For inspection works that require restricted access systems, we offer the following lifting solutions for one or two people (maximum): modular cradle, manual single-seat bosun chair with a manual hoist, or motorised single-seat bosun chair with an electric hoist. 

For lifting material, we also offer worksite hoists with different load capacities, and different lifting speeds depending on the needs of your site.

Our solutions can be standard or custom-made using exact technical specifications so we can perfectly meet your needs based on the complexities of the works to be carried out. For example, our suspended scaffolds can be formed using adjustable angles or designed for restricted access such as entering manholes. Our team remains at your disposal should you require any further information.