Cross travel carriage for permanent platforms

Project details

Permanent access for accessing and inspecting concrete enclosures at nuclear power plants.


To develop a permanent suspended platform 3 metres long with capacity for two people or 300 kg and full fairing.

Platform suspended from a motorised cross travel carriage controlled from the platform.

The cross travel carriage runs on two rails on the periphery of the concrete enclosure.


A permanent platform with a capacity of 300 kg and a motorised cross travel carriage on two circular rails.

The platform is equipped with:

  • 4 steel wire-rope reels;
  • 1 electric cable reel;
  • 4 high-power LED spotlights;
  • Double trip bars in the lower part of the suspended platform

The carriage is equipped with an electric cable reel for the power cable and ultrasonic radars to detect the position of the platform.

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