Our hoisting rig was designed in accordance with the regulations in force, and is used for securing suspended platforms on water towers, industrial installations, tanks and vats.

The rig is installed by means of a cable integrated into an appropriate anchorage point, which generally tends to be the ventilation pipe at the centre of the tank.

Custom designs are possible for a hoisting rig based on specifications to be jointly defined with the design department. These customisations include coating the rig in a specific paint, in order to ensure additional resistance to the elements.

User benefits


  • Suitable for maintenance of fixed-roof storage tanks with no external gangway;
  • Comprises elements that can be configured in different ways;
  • Maximum working load: 500 kg;
  • Compatible with our MODULECO and MODULAHO suspended platforms equipped with e.lift 350, 500 and 501 hoists and our individual cradles.


  • Easy to transport, assemble and store: does not require counterweights / assembly with screws to achieve maximum safety;
  • Mobility over entire perimeter of the roof and guaranteed stability via the support wheels and tension cable;
  • Adjustable supports on adjustable wheels;
  • Made from galvanised steel, which is highly resistant to bad weather;
  • Minimal maintenance.