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personnel lifting hoists for suspended platforms


Electric hoists for lift shaft equipment

Electric hoist for Elevators

Parapet bracket

Parapet clamps are used to suspend a suspended scaffold , a suspended cradle or individual seat from the parapet of a building.

Suspension beams

Suspension beams (or suspension gantries) are used on terraces for temporary suspended platforms , individual cradles and individual seats .

EXOLIFT - Climb assistant

EXOLIFT, ladder climbing assistance system making technicians lives easier: A system that adapts intuitively to the operator for full working comfort.

Temporary suspended platforms

Temporary suspended platforms (or suspended scaffolds ) are light height access systems that allow safe access to vertical workstations. FIXATOR t emporary suspended platform s are designed for maximum modularity.

Suspended cradle

Temporary suspended cradle and Bosun chair

Electric hoists LM

Our hoists for material lifting  are designed for handling loads to little and great heights. Our hoists are used in various industries (construction, renovation, installation of elevators etc.) and comply with statutory safety regulations.

Electric hoist MOTRIX

Les treuils MOTRIX sont des treuils électriques puissants destinés au levage de matériel. Ces treuils sont utilisés sur de grandes hauteurs de travail

Permanent suspended platform

Permanent suspended platform s for windows cleaning on high rise building.

Permanent cradle and bosun chair

Permanent suspended cradle for façade cleaning.

Tailor made suspended platform

Design and manufacture of custom made permanent suspended platforms .

False car

FIXATOR , height access solutions manufacturer, propose a scaffolding platform  dedicated to elevator professionals : False Car . It can be used for installation and maintenance of elevator shifts.

Suspended cradle for wind turbine

Suspended platforms for Wind Power Sector

Manual hoist for temporary suspended platforms

Manual Hoist m.lift 400
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