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Permanent suspended platform

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Permanent suspended platforms for windows cleaning on high rise building.

For washing windows and façade maintenance on tall glazed buildings (curtain walls), it is best to use a permanent platform.
The permanent façade maintenance platform is combined with a terrace carriage or a monorail system, fixed to the building roof.
Indeed, the complexity of the architecture and height of the building façade require the use of a motorised suspended platform, which is reliable and safe access equipment. Aboard the permanent suspended platform, window cleaners have a comfortable work area and many safety features are built into the façade maintenance equipment.

Permanent suspended platforms for cleaning buildings -  PERM 14 – outside the E.U.

The permanent platform PERM 14 is designed for markets outside the European Union.

The permanent suspended platform PERM 14 is specially designed to be installed permanently on a building. It is equipped with 2 three-phase electric hoists, fall-prevention systems, an electrical control cabinet, and two wire-rope winders of 100 meters.

The permanent suspended platform PERM 14 has several options: removable wire-rope tray, aluminum shielding of the cradle, shielding of carrier stirrups, etc…The PERM 14 permanent platform can be combined with a terrace carriage or a monorail.

Permanent suspended platforms for building maintance - PERM 05 and PERM 15 - CE

The permanent suspended platforms  PERM 05 and PERM 15 are designed to be installed once and for all on a dedicated building. It meets the requirements of the EN 1808 standard (for use in the European Union).

The permanent suspended platforms are equipped with two electric hoists - e.lift 350 (PERM 05) and e.lift 501 (PERM 15) , fall-prevention systems, a central electrical control cabinet. The platforms are fully shielded in aluminium sheet. They have several options and can be combined with a terrace carriage suspension system or with a monorail system.

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