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EXOLIFT - Climb assistant

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EXOLIFT, ladder climbing assistance system making technicians lives easier: A system that adapts intuitively to the operator for full working comfort.

EXOLIFT: A veritable consideration of the morphology of the technician...

Unlike other ladder climbing assistance systems (Clifter or Limpet), the EXOLIFT system actually fits intuitively to the individual morphology of the technician. Indeed, EXOLIFT weighs the technician before starting the climb on the ladder. This operating step allows the system to take into account the weight of the operator and to adapt the level of assistance. Up to 80% of the operator weight up to 100 kg of traction aid.

... and a respect for their natural climbing rhythm

EXOLIFT was also designed to continuously adapt to the technician's speed of ascent or descent: the system detects the speed with its load pin and electronic settings of the control unit. Thus, the technician starts the ascent or descent via the control joystick and then the system will intuitively adapt continuously to the accelerations or decelerations operator. This provides real comfort for work and significantly reduces the work on the muscles and heart.

EXOLIFT: Innovative equipment that maximises profitability: Increased profitability for wind farm operators

EXOLIFT was designed to maximise the profitability of wind farms by allowing technicians to perform several climbs daily. The battery operated portable system operates independently of the wind turbine (if the wind farm is turned off for safety reasons, maintenance technicians can still take full advantage of their climb assistance system, unlike systems installed permanently on the wind turbine ladder). EXOLIFT thus helps reduce the downtime of wind turbines.

EXOLIFT also minimises the initial investment for wind farm operators. Indeed, EXOLIFT is used on a single strap permanently installed on the ladder, reducing installation time and equipment costs.

EXOLIFT, an optimised mechanical design

EXOLIFT is manufactured with high quality IP 67 components. The design has been optimised to reduce the number of wearing parts: its maintenance is thus easier and less expensive. The high-capacity battery is able to make several ascents / descents before recharging is required.

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