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personnel lifting hoists for suspended platforms

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Personnel lifting hoists for suspended platforms and cradles

Suspended platforms can be equipped with manual, pneumatic or electric hoists. Electric hoists for suspended platforms are specially designed for lifting personnel. They should always be combined with an electrical control unit (central control) and safety units.
Electric hoists for suspended platforms are passing cable hoists, which allow a safe unlimited working height.
Traction is on the work cable and safety is ensured by a second cable (safety) connected to a safety unit (overspeed or slack rope).

FIXATOR offers a wide range of electric personnel lifting hoists with load capacities of 350, 501, 600, 800 and 1000 kg.
Depending on your needs and the size of the suspended scaffold, our sales team will offer you the power and capacity suitable for your needs. Our electric hoists are available in single phase and three phase. For lifting people, our electric hoists provide an elevation speed of 9m / min and a manual emergency lowering controlled speed of 4.5m / min.

Our electric hoists for suspended platforms and cradles are part of our e.lift range:

  • e.lift 350;
  • e.lift 501;
  • e.lift 600;
  • e. lift 800;
  • e. lift 1000.

Control panel for electric hoist for suspended scaffolds, cradles and platforms

To control the raising/lowering of the suspended platform, the operator uses the central control unit (with a remote control) that allows control of the hoists anywhere on the platform.

FIXATOR has built in functionality to its cabinets to increase safety and working comfort using the GYROSTOP module.

  • Working comfort: filtering unwanted movements (no more false stops while walking around the platform)
  • Increased safety:
    • Tilt control
    • Anti-turnover function
    • Automatic power supply shut-off
    • Emergency stop built into the remote control.

The electrical control cabinets are available in single phase, three phase, to control one, two, three or more hoists on demand.

Fall–prevention systems for electric personnel hoist

Personnel lifting hoists for suspended platforms are required to be used with a safety unit:

  • The overspeed safety unit: In normal operation, the safety wire-rope passes freely in the SECURICHUTE jaws. SECURICHUTE operates in the case of sudden acceleration of the travel of the working wire-rope and gets locked on the safety wire-rope. The SECURICHUTE fall-prevention system must be fixed directly on the hoist or separately on the carrier-stirrup.
  • The slack rope safety unit: In normal operation the safety wire-rope passes freely in the jaws held open by the pressure of the working wire-rope on the roller. The SECURISTOP WITH ROLLER acts in case of a working wire-rope slack. The SECURISTOP WITH ROLLER fall-prevention system can be directly fixed to the hoist or separately on the carrier stirrup of the suspended scaffold..

Depending on the type of electric hoists, the type of use, lifting load, our sales team will guide you in choosing the safety units corresponding to your needs.





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