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Suspended scaffolds

Temporary suspended scaffolds for lifting people

Suspended scaffolds are used to raise and lower personnel and equipment to and from their workstation, through a system of cable hoists.  Temporary suspended platforms offer great working comfort and optimum adaptation to many sites. Suspended scaffolds improve the productivity at the site and are particularly safe because they incorporate many safety features.

Temporary suspended scaffolds are highly modular systems, similar to Meccano for children. Depending on the needs, floor elements, railings, stirrups and hoists are assembled to form a platform perfectly matched to the architecture and job requirements.

Modular suspended platforms have a great handling thanks to their lightness, ensuring highly precise and timely implementation. They do not cause any obstructions at ground level (no space required) and do not emit noise or vibration pollution.

FIXATOR has a technical exclusivity over its competitors because, to adapt to all configurations and especially including sites that do not allow rooftop rigging (eg. with tile or slate roofs), we propose a simple and secure alternative: the suspended platform on additional masts that replace the roof rigging (FIXEO System).

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