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Parapet bracket

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Parapet clamp for suspended platforms: attachment point for a suspended personnel platform.

Parapet clamps, also called parapet consoles are used to suspend a scaffold, a cradle or individual seat from the parapet of a building.
Parapet clamps can also be used to attach an equipment lifting hoist. Using parapet clamps is recommended for new construction sites. The strength of the parapet should be verified with the architect.
Parapet clamps are attachment elements that are very easy to install because they are small and do not weigh too much.

Parapet bracket 500 kg

The 500 kg parapet clamp is secured on any wall thickness between 0.15 to 0.50 m. Three possible attachment points: 0.60 m - 0.48 m - 0.35 m. Both sliders secure the clamp under any projections.
The maximum load (WLL) is 500 kg and its weight is 27 kg.

Parapet clamp 600 kg

This clamp is primarily used for suspended scaffolds with Euroliftho (prior model, production stopped) or e.lift 600 motorised electric hoists.
Its maximum working load limit (WLL) is 600 kg to 0.80 m and its weight is 43 kg.
The parapet clamp adapts to a wall thickness from 0.15 to 0.50 m.

The 600 kg parapet clamp can also be used for lifting equipment: it has an attachment point for LM 300S+ and LM 500+ electric hoists.
At this attachment point, the maximum working load limit (WLL) is 500 kg.

Parapet bracket 800 kg

This clamp is primarily used for suspended platforms.
Its maximum working load limit (WLL) is 800 kg to 1 m and its weight is 49 kg.
The parapet clamp adapts to a wall thickness from 0.15 to 0.50 m.

Tailor made Parapet bracket 

For specific needs, FIXATOR can design and manufacture parapet clamps tailored to specifications agreed between the client and FIXATOR engineering department.


How to use a parapet clamp ?

Check whether the load permissible by the clamp is suited to the hoist's capacity.

Check that the parapets are able to withstand the loads and stresses that the installation of a parapet clamp will cause. If required, check the permissible loads with the contractor.

Only the pads must be in contact with the parapet.

It is mandatory, after installation and before use, to test the installation in accordance with the current regulations.

Regularly inspect the condition of the various elements.

Protect any sealing coatings to avoid crushing.

Secure the rear part of the console on another point of the structure.

Separate suspension points must be provided for the hoisting cable and the safety cable.

Adjust the centre distance of parapet clamps on that of stirrups of the suspended platform.




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