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Suspension beams

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Beam attachment for personnel lifting: telescopic roof beam with counter weights FIXAPOUTRE

Suspension beams (or suspension gantries) are used on terraces for temporary suspended platforms, individual cradles and individual seats.

The counterweight suspension beams (or attachment plate) consist of steel tubes which fit into each other in order to adjust the distance between the supports and the overhang (reach).

Suspension beams are modular: they can be equipped with a bracing system, supports can be extended to be installed over obstacles such as a parapet wall or ventilation duct.


FIXATOR offers 4 telescopic models (with or without brace) with galvanised steel suspension beams giving a great resistance to weathering. The maximum load capacity is 800 kg.

Counterweights are locked by pins using a system of screw pin connections for more security.

Extended beam

To allow the attachment of a suspended platform over a terrace congested by air ducts or when the parapet is high, FIXATOR provides an extended beam that can pass over obstacles up to 2.25 metres in height.

Custom suspension beams

When standard suspension systems do not meet the needs of a project, FIXATOR can design and manufacture custom suspension beams: height, overhang, movement, drive etc.

According to technical specifications jointly agreed by the client and FIXATOR Research and Development Department, we manufacture custom-made suspension system in our workshop.

The  custom-made suspension beams are tested according to the requirements of EN 1808 and we ideliver an incorporation certificate at the time of delivery.


How to use roof beam for suspended platforms ?

  • It is always preferable to reduce the back load by lengthening the roof beam to a maximum and by reducing the overhang to a maximum.
  • Ensure that the terrace and the parapet clamps can support the weight and the stress coming from the installation of the metal beams. If necessary, verify the maximum permissible load with the chief architect.
  • The flooring of the terraces must always be protected with boards or metal sections.
  • It is essential to carry out the counter load with original FIXATOR counterweights. In order to set-up the correct counter load, refer to the label on the front element or to page 4 of the instruction manual.
  • Adjust the center distance of axes of the beams to the center distance of axes of the end-stirrups or walk-through stirrups of the suspended platform.
  • Do not attach the platform until the suspension system is completely installed and correctly counter loaded.
  • After the assembly and before the first use it is essential to test the installation in compliance with the regulations currently in force.
  • Before the first use verify that the brakes of each wheel are correctly fastened and that the guy rope is tightened.
  • A regular check-up of the correct working order of the different elements is necessary.



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