How to safely rig materials and equipment for your working at height lifting operation ?

24 April 2023

On any work at height operation, it is critical to carry out some daily checks. Our Temporary Suspended Platforms (TSP within the meaning of EN1808) allow to perform high-rise operations on façades in the building, industry, elevators and wind power sectors. The lifting of the platforms is possible thanks to hoists installed at both ends of the platforms with cables relied on a suspension system.

Keep safe from rigging related hazards

Outside the regulated security measures, it’s really necessary to carry out daily visual checks of the equipment by a trained person when working at heights.
We recommend that operators test all the elements that have an effect on platform functional safety, because it helps in  detecting  possible deterioration, due to normal wear and tear or vandalism, liable to constitute a hazard in the workplace. All aspects of the inspection chart, available on the platform (command box), should be observed just before starting work on site. The operator can also consult recommendations written in our instruction notices.

Work at height daily checks and equipment testing

1. Riggings

Roof attachments points to daily check for personnel lifting operations on any work at height

We advise you to check :

  • Counter-weights: locking and and exact number;
  • Slings: are properly extended / tensioned?
  • Travels stop and screws (suspension rails): are they all present ?

2. Plateforms

Fixator lifting materials and accessories for suspended platforms - work at height daily checks

We advise you to check :

  • Hoist cables – should not be rusty, unearthly, crushed, pinched;
  • Fall arrest device – function test;
  • Hoists – clamps control;
  • Hoists covers – are they positioned correctly ?
  • Electrical outlets – locking;
  • Cables – make sure they are not crushed;
  • Technical characteristics indicated on the label FIXATOR – are they still legible ?
  • Emergency stop – do they work properly ?
  • Counter-weights on the safety cables, spindlespins, and screws – are they present?

The estimated time for the platform checkpoints is  about 5 min!

In case of malfunctioning:

  • Prevent the use of the platform  by removing the power supply;
  • Inform your supervisor;
  • Record the incident in the maintenance specifications.