Cupola furnace maintenance at EJ Picardie: Fixator replies with circular suspended scaffoldings for confined spaces

26 May 2023

The need

Supply of a lifting device allowing underground access to the cupolas in order to carry out their maintenance.

Lifting capacity of 500 kg.

The client

EJ Picardie, the foundry of the EJ Group, world leader in the design, production and distribution of access solutions for water, sewage, drainage, telecommunications and service networks.

Circular suspended scaffold/gondola with translation trolleys controlled by a control box and a remote control and operated by the Liftho 500 winch.
Circular suspended scaffold/cradle with translation trolleys controlled by a control box and a remote control and operated by the Liftho 500 hoist.
VIDEO: Circular suspended platform/cradle in operation for cupola furnace maintenance

The Solution

Main product:

The circular suspended scaffolding

2 circular suspended scaffolds/cradles in mechanically welded steel with a diameter of 1m and a galvanized finish allowing access to the 2 foundry cupolas for their underground maintenance. Capacity of 2 people or 240 kg according to the standard EN1808: 2015 and equipped with:

  • Lifting gate for the access of the operators;
  • Expanded metal protection roof. Protection roof that can be detached from the platform/cradle (in case of emergency);
  • 3 adjustable stabilizers with wheels at the end (lower part);
  • Expanded metal floor allowing to evacuate part of the rubble with central opening allowing to bring different hoses (thermal lance, jackhammer);
  • Sécurichute 600 overspeed fall-protection system – capacity 600 kg and spring reel for the safety cable.


Translation trolleys

2 motorized translation trolleys with a capacity of 500 kg positioned on IPE profiles allowing the positioning of the scaffold/cradle above the cupola furnaces.

The scaffolds are stored on a siding when not in use.

Lifting device:

Liftho 500 hoist

Liftho 500 hoist (for custom-made projects; the Liftho range is available in 600, 800 and 1000 kg as standard), 400V, 3-phase, 50/60Hz, attached to a motorized cart on an IPE rail of the building and equipped with all safety devices according to EN1808:

  • Spring reel to store the working cable (Ø8,3 mm);
  • Limit switch;
  • Final limit switch;
  • Electronic overload with permanent measurement of the load on board with acoustic and light signal in case of overload;
  • Slack rope;
  • Flashing light indicating the movement of the unit;
  • Remote control with 5 buttons: Up / Down / Right translation / Left translation / Emergency stop.

Additional information and thanks:

An emergency control box (wired) allows remote control in case of operator failure.

Translation speed : approx. 5 m/mn

This design was realized by our project manager Emmanuel Lusseau.

We would also like to thank EJ Picardie for their trust and for sharing the pictures.