Product description

Exolift is a portable motorised system used when carrying out maintenance operations inside wind turbines. It assists the user when climbing up and down the very long ladder inside the turbine, which significantly reduces the physical effort required to do so manually.

Exolift is an intelligent system that instantly adapts to the user’s speed of movement, and supports up to 80% of their body weight.

Exolift connects to a fixed strap attached to the wind turbine’s ladder (one attachment kit and one strap per wind turbine). Exolift is either assigned to the wind farm or the team of technicians. Only one EXOLIFT is required per wind farm.

User benefits


– Exolift can be installed and operated on any type of ladder and fall-prevention system.


– Five-fold reduction in physical effort and strain;
– Fully autonomous thanks to its rechargeable battery.


– Exolift instantly stops running as soon as the technician presses the stop button.


– Three-fold reduction in climbing time, which increases the cost effectiveness of maintenance operations, and equates to a very low cost per wind turbine;
– Simplifies and speeds up maintenance, and keeps costs low.

Technical characteristics

Ascent and descent speed 24m/min
Dimensions 406x 266x 208 mm
Emergency stop button yes
Guarantee 12 months
Load limiter yes
Lower travel end stopper yes
Tractive force RL (kg) Variable; from 40 to 96
Upper travel end stopper yes
Weight 12 kg

Included with the product

Protective carry bag

The indispensable

Ladder strap hooking kit
Flat textile strap