• Standard CE

Product description

The 3510 manual hoist is commonly used for lifting mini-basketball backboards in sports halls, handling awnings, skylights in greenhouses, hanging lamps, chimney sweeping, etc.

This type of hoist can accommodate both wire rope and nylon cord. It has two mounting holes for surface mounting in limited spaces.

The cable outlet can be on the right or the left, depending on needs.

Marked B TE SGDG (patented without government guarantee).

Nickel-plated brass crank arm, plastic rotating handle.

  • Crank arm: 120 mm
  • Length: 140 mm

User benefits

Convenient and Safe:

– Automatically reversible
– No ratchet handle, smooth rotation
– FIXATOR brake
– Robust
– Elegant

Technical characteristics

Centre-to-centre mounting holes 94 mm
Height 32 mm
Hoist weight 0.160 kg
Mounting holes 6 mm
Wire-rope diameter Ø1.8 mm (5 metres)Ø2 mm (3 metres)