LM 300S+

  • Standard CSA
  • Standard UL

Product description

The LM 300S+ is a wire-rope hoist for lifting and hauling materials. Its maximum load capacity is 660 lbs (300 kg).

It can be used in the Building sector for lifting and hauling materials, in the Elevator sector for transporting equipment inside shafts, and in the Wind Power sector for carrying out maintenance work.

The LM 300S+ electric wire-rope hoist allows unlimited cable travel and therefore has no working height limit.

User benefits

Convenient and Practical:

– Very compact and lightweight;
– Portable and easy to handle: carry handle and carry case supplied with hoist;
– Connected to its radio-control, our LM 300S+ hoist can be used for work at great heights. Lifting equipment is easier and there is less congestion of cables and extension cables;
– Simplified maintenance: optimised adhesion system to facilitate opening the LM 300S+ hoist.


– The LM 300S+ is suitable for all sorts of load lifting uses.

Technical characteristics

Hoist weight 70 lbs (34 kg)
Lower travel end stopper yes
Maximum working load 660 lbs (300 kg)
Motor power (kW) 1,1
Operating speed 50 Hz = 45 ft/min (14m/min) - 60 Hz = 49 ft/min (15m/min)
Product compliant with CSA standard yes
Product compliant with UL standard yes
Upper travel end stopper yes
Voltage, Frequency and Current Single-phase 230 V - 50/60 Hz 50 Hz = 7 A60 Hz = 9 A
Wire-rope diameter Ø6.5 to 6.8 mm - 6x19 galvanized steel with mixed core
Wireless Radio-control option yes

Included with the product

Pendant Control
Lower travel end stopper
Upper travel end stopper
Suspension hook
Carry handles

Highly recommended

Carry case
Double wire-rope kit
Detachable wireless remote control
Extension for pendant control
Base for non-suspended use