e.lift 601

  • Standard CE

Product description

The e.lift 601 is an electric wire-rope hoist for lifting personnel.

Its load capacity is 600 kg.

The e.lift 601 hoist can be connected to suspended platforms, and is mainly intended for skilled workers who carry out temporary works on facades.

User benefits

Convenient and Safe:

– Load limiter indicated by a red light on the hoist;
– Equipped with a fall-prevention system / safety lock;
– Protective cover;
– Reliable and robust – equipped with highly resistant single-unit aluminium casing that prevents corrosion.


– Simplified maintenance thanks to its easily accessed mechanical part.

Technical characteristics

To control the upward and downward motion of the suspended platform (suspended scaffolding), the operator uses a push-button box connected to the central control box, which means the hoists can be operated from any point on the platform.

The e.lift 501 wire-rope hoist must be used with a Securichute and/or Securistop safety lock (fall-prevention system).

Control voltage 24 V
Controlled manual descent yes
Integrated or remote control Remote
Maximum working load 600 kg (1322 lbs)
Operating speed 9.7 - 11 m/min (32 -36 ft/min)
Product designed pursuant to CE standard yes
Steel wire-rope 8.3mm (3.3")
Type and position of overload mechanical
Upper travel cut-off yes
Upper travel end stopper yes
Voltage Single-phase: 220/240 V - Three-phase: 380/415V - 50Hz/60Hz
Weight 43 kg - 95 lbs (single-phase), 49 kg - 108 lbs (three-phase)

Included with the product

Protective Cover

The indispensable

Control box
Upper travel end stopper
Upper travel cut-off stopper
Power cable
Steel wire-rope
Control box
Counterweight (20 kg)
Cable grip clamp
Securichute 600
Securistop 526

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