• Standard CE

Product description

The Liftho NEO 800 is an electric wire-rope hoist for lifting personnel.

Its maximum load capacity is 800 Kg.

It is mainly intended for skilled workers who carry out elevator installation works.

User benefits

Convenient and Safe:

– The LIFTHO NEO 800 provides real-time information on the load being lifted and operating time;
– Load limiter with audible warning;
– Reliable and robust, its highly resistant single-unit aluminium casing prevents corrosion.


– Simplified maintenance thanks to its easily accessed mechanical part.

Technical characteristics

To control the upward and downward motion of the suspended platform, the operator uses a push-button box directly connected to the hoist. The LIFTHO NEO 800 electric wire-rope hoist can also be controlled by radio-control.

The LIFTHO NEO 800 hoist must be used with a Securichute safety lock (fall-prevention system).

Control voltage 24 V
Controlled manual descent yes
End of wire-rope sensor yes
Inadequate loads yes
Integrated or remote control Integrated
Maximum working load 800 kg
Operating speed 7m/min - 50 Hz - 8.7m/min - 60 Hz
Product designed pursuant to CE standard yes
Steel wire-rope 9.5 mm
Type and position of overload electronic
Upper travel cut-off yes
Upper travel end stopper yes
Voltage Single-phase: 230V - 50 Hz/60 Hz
Weight 59 kg

Included with the product

Pendant Control
Upper travel cut-off stopper
Upper travel end stopper

The indispensable

Power cable
Steel wire-rope
Counterweight (20 kg)
Cable grip clamp
Securichute 800
Steel wire-rope with hooks

Highly recommended

Outgoing wire-rope guide
Bracket or hook mounting kit
Double wire-rope kit
Storage trunk on wheels
Return pulley
Wireless Remote Control
Extension for push-button box
Carry handles
Ground mounted
Suspension of wire-rope (capacity 1,000 kg)