p.lift 500

  • Standard CE

Product description

The p.lift 500 is a pneumatic wire-rope hoist. It runs on compressed air with a power of 6 bar and an air flow of 1.4 m3/min.

Its maximum load capacity is 500 kg.

It can be connected to a suspended platform or cradle, and is used for lifting personnel.

The p.lift 500 is suitable for any type of site and is ideal for work in confined spaces (silos, tanks, etc.).

User benefits


– The p.lift 500 pneumatic hoist is suitable for any type of site, platform and cradle. It is ideal for carrying out work in confined spaces.


– Load limiter;
– Equipped with main low pressure braking systems and Securichute fall-prevention for overspeed and Securistop with roller;
– Emergency stop push-button.

Technical characteristics

Controlled manual descent yes
Integrated or remote control Remote
Maximum working load 500 kg
Operating speed 9m/min
Product designed pursuant to CE standard yes
Steel wire-rope 8.3 mm
Type and position of overload mechanical
Upper travel end stopper yes
Weight 41 kg

Included with the product

Lower and Upper travel end stopper

The indispensable

Pendant Control
Power cable
Steel wire-rope
Counterweight (20 kg)
Cable grip clamp
Securichute 500

Highly recommended

Steel wire-rope with hooks
Suspension of wire-rope (capacity 1,000 kg)