Permanent platforms

Our permanent suspended cradles, bosun chairs and platforms have been specially designed to be permanently installed on a building.

They are used for carrying out curtain wall cleaning or maintenance works.

Connected to a suspension system (monorail, terrace carriage or davit arm), our permanent suspended access solutions facilitate motorised access to the entire facade.

Unlike permanent suspended scaffolding, our permanent cradles and bosun chairs are designed for carrying one or two people maximum, they are ideal for work in confined spaces with restricted access, and only require one electric personnel lifting hoist.

Permanent suspended platforms provide a very safe and convenient working environment.

To meet the architectural constraints of high-rise buildings, we design and manufacture custom-made permanent suspended platforms, the dimensions, colours and functionalities of which are adapted to the needs of the building.

Many accessories can be connected to our entire permanent range, such as aluminium sheet fairing, a removable tray for electric cables, spring-loaded winders, telescopic support wheels, spotlights, a rotating beacon, etc.

Permanent platforms

FIXATOR permanent suspended platforms are used for cleaning windows, curtain walls and atriums.

They can be connected to suspension systems such as a monorail, terrace carriage or davit arm.

The two permanent suspended platforms we offer are both motorised with e.lift electric wire-rope hoists for lifting personnel.

PERM 05 works with our e.lift 350 electric hoist and PERM 15 with our e.lift 501.

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Permanent cradles

FIXATOR permanent suspended cradles are used for cleaning windows, curtain walls and atriums.

Our permanent suspended cradles are also regularly used on industrial infrastructure.

We offer two models of permanent cradles:

  • The rectangular PERM 02B cradle;
  • The trapezoidal PERM 02 cradle.

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Permanent bosun chairs

The PERM 06 permanent single-seat bosun chair is specially designed for carrying out work at sites with narrow access.

PERM 06 is intended to be permanently installed on a building.

This permanent bosun chair is motorised with an e.lift 350 electric personnel lifting hoist (three-phase or single-phase). PERM 06 only uses one electric personnel lifting hoist.

It can be suspended from a monorail suspension system.

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