Hanging devices must first be installed on a building’s roof, parapet wall or facade, which are then used to secure suspended platforms, cradles and bosun chairs.

The working wire-rope and safety wire-rope are used to suspend them from different types of hanging devices: suspension beams, parapet clamps, overhang parapet clamps.

To adapt to all configurations – especially work sites with no option to suspend a platform from the roof, we offer a simple and secure alternative: suspending the platform from additional FIXEO masts, which eliminates the need to suspend it from beams or parapet clamps on the roof.

Suspended beam

FIXAPOUTRE counterweight suspension beams (or attachment plate) consist of steel tubes that fit into each other in order to adjust the distance between the supports and the overhang (reach).

Suspension beams are highly modular. They can be equipped with a bracing system, and supports can be extended to be installed over obstacles such as a parapet wall or ventilation duct.


FIXATOR offers 4 telescopic models (with or without brace) in galvanised steel for optimal weather resistance. The maximum load capacity is 800 kg.

Description Type 2.S Type 3.S Type 4.S Type 5.S
Position on parapet wall Lower Lower Upper Upper
Height under beam 120 mm 120 mm 1020 mm 1020 mm
Brace Without brace With brace Without brace With brace
Load capacity 500 kg at 1.10 m 500 kg at 2m, 600 kg at 1,60m, 800kg at 1,10m 500 kg at 1.10 m 500 kg at 2m, 600 kg at 1,60m, 800kg à 1,10m
Weight 99 kg without counterweight 117 kg without counterweight 118 kg without counterweight 136 kg without counterweight
Max. torque 550 m.kg 1000 m.kg 550 m.kg 1000 m.kg

Wheel options for Type 4.S and 5.S – height under beam: 1,260 mm

FIXAPOUTRE raised beam

Type 6 and Type 7

To hang a suspended platform from a terrace cluttered with ventilation ducts or when the parapet wall is high, we have designed a raised beam that can be installed over obstacles up to 2.80 metres and can lift heavier loads.

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Parapet clamp

Parapet clamps are used for hanging a suspended platform (suspended scaffolding), suspended cradle or single-seat bosun chair from a building’s parapet wall. Parapet clamps can also be used to secure a material lifting hoist.

A parapet clamp works on the principle of the clamp being attached to a wall thickness ranging from 0.15 to 0.50 metres. The overhang (reach) ranges from 0.35 to 1.00 m. Parapet clamps are recommended for use at new building work sites.

We offer 3 models of parapet clamps with load capacities ranging from 500 kg to 800 kg.

Our parapet clamps are very easy suspension elements to install due to their small size and low weight.

Custom-made parapet clamp

Our parapet clamps can either be standard or “custom-made” according to exact technical specifications, which allows us to perfectly meet your expectations as agreed with the architecture of your building. Please feel free to contact the FIXATOR team if you require any further information.

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Overhang parapet clamp

An overhang parapet clamp is used for suspending a temporary platform to carry out works on industrial installations such as bridges, storage tanks or other specific buildings.

The overhang parapet clamp is mainly installed below the installations and is used in conjunction with our FIXAPOUTRE or Parapet clamp suspension systems.

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Davit arm

Our davit arm has been designed for carrying out equipment lifting work from fixed scaffolding.

The davit arm is suitable for all types of single and multi-directional scaffolding.

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Our manual monorail carriage is a cross travel system designed for suspending a material lifting hoist and moving it along an aluminium rail.

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Fixeo – Secure masts

Platforms suspended from FIXEO masts can be used for construction or maintenance work at height when the roof of the building has no option to support suspension.

Assembled from the ground up, FIXEO masts provide an economical, modular and secure solution.

It is possible to use multiple platforms simultaneously. The platform controls remain independent of each other.

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