Product description

Platforms suspended from FIXEO masts can be used for construction or maintenance work at height when the roof of the building has no option to support suspension.

Assembled from the ground up, FIXEO masts provide an economical, modular and secure solution.

It is possible to use multiple platforms simultaneously. The platform controls remain independent of each other.

User benefits


– FIXEO is suitable for a large number of building configurations – multiple masts can be positioned to cover the entire building facade;
– Configurations ranging from 2 to 12 metres long and up to 100 metres high. As many masts as are necessary can be used.


– Platform stability guaranteed. – Supported on the ground with adjustable screw jacks and secured on the facade every 6 metres (single, double and adjustable anchorage);
– Quick installation thanks to reduced handling – 2 people required for assembly and disassembly.

Technical characteristics

Attachment point every 6 m yes
Mast suitable for hoists up to 600 kg (e.lift 501 or e.lift 600) yes
Maximum height 100 m yes
Maximum load 600 kg yes

Highly recommended

Galvanised angle anchor
Anchor rod (2 lengths)