Product description

FIXAPOUTRE 4.S suspension beams are used on terraces for temporary suspended platforms, cradles and single-seat bosun chairs.

FIXAPOUTRE 4.S counterweight suspension beams (or attachment plate) consist of steel tubes that fit into each other in order to adjust the distance between the supports and the overhang (reach).

The suspension beams are modular, and can be equipped with a bracing system. The supports can be extended to be installed over obstacles such as a parapet wall or ventilation duct.

User benefits


– Suitable for any type of work site – adjustable;
– Fully removable;
– Custom designs possible based on precise technical specifications.


– Ease of use and maintenance;
– Compact and lightweight.

Technical characteristics

Maximum load based on reach 500 kg at 1.10m
Maximum torque 550
Weight 118 kg
With or without Brace Without

The indispensable

Counterweight (25 kg)

Highly recommended

Attachment plate