Securichute 800

Product description

All our personnel lifting solutions are required to be fitted with Securichute safety locks (fall-prevention system).

In fact, it is these safety locks that make it possible for personnel to carry out work at height in complete safety.

Securichute safety locks are triggered by weights in the event of overspeed, sudden acceleration or tilting of the platform (limited to 14°).

A Securichute safety lock can be assembled as follows:

– On one hoist or on multiple hoists (if using a platform);

– On a c-stirrup.

Our Securichute 800 has a maximum load capacity of 800 kg.

User benefits


– Emergency stop button;
– Manual reset.


– Automatic wire-rope routing;
– Easy to use, light and ergonomic;
– Steel design.

Technical characteristics

Attaches to hoist yes
Compatible with hoist(s) e.lift NEO 800; Liftho NEO 800
Dimensions (mm) 252x180x95
Operating temperature -10°// +55°C
Trigger mode Speed and tilting
Trigger time > at 30m/min, 14° tilting
Weight 7 kg

Highly recommended

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