Securistop 500

Product description

All our personnel lifting solutions are required to be fitted with Securistop safety locks (fall-prevention system). In fact, Securistop safety locks make it possible for skilled workers to carry out work at height in complete safety.

Our Securistop safety locks are triggered by a roller in the event of platform tilting (limited to 14°) or if there is no tension in the working wire-rope (slack rope).

A Securistop safety lock can be assembled as follows:

– On one hoist or on multiple hoists (if using a platform); – On a c-stirrup.

Our Securistop 500 has a maximum load capacity of 500 kg.

User benefits


– Triggers in the event of tilting > 14° or if there is no tension in the working wire-rope;
– Manual reset.


– Automatic wire-rope routing;
– Easy to use, light and ergonomic;
– Steel design.

Technical characteristics

Attaches to hoist yes
Compatible with hoist(s) e.lift 350
Trigger mode Tilting and slack wire-rope
Trigger time > at 14° or lack of tension in the wire-rope

Highly recommended

Cable grip clamp