Arm-guided mast cradle

Product description

The FIXATOR mast cradle has been specially designed for lifting personnel from the base of high mast lighting structures (at stadiums, port areas, airports or industrial sites) up to the maintenance platform.

The cradle is guided by an arm that wraps around the mast the entire way up, and only uses a single electric hoist to lift one or two personnel.

User benefits


– The mast cradle can be easily moved from one mast to another at the same site;
– Suitable for mounting on any type of large masts up to 45 metres;
– Custom adaptations for different mast diameters.

Convenient and safe:

– Aluminium design – anti-corrosion protection;
– Equipped with guide wheels;
– Frame heightener (optional) mounted on structure, allowing access to the platform in complete safety;
– Equipped with tensioners and guide rollers with wheels.

Technical characteristics

Compatible with hoist(s) e.lift 501
Mandatory Securichute safety lock yes
Maximum height 45 m
Working load limit 240 kg

Included with the product

Wheels under cradle
Facade support wheels

Highly recommended

Frame heightener