Manual single-seat bosun chair

Product description

The temporary single-seat bosun chair is designed for carrying out inspections or facade work in the seated position; it is an effective alternative to suspended scaffolding , and also benefits from only requiring one m.lift 400 manual personnel lifting hoist.

This single-seat bosun chair is ideal for working in confined spaces with restricted access, and can be deployed quickly at work sites. It can be fitted with reels.

The single-seat bosun chair is suspended from hanging systems such as suspension beams or parapet clamps.

User benefits

Convenient and practical:

– Ideal for work in confined spaces with restricted access;
– Delivered “ready to use” – hoist installed on bosun chair before shipment;
– Ergonomic, easy to handle and space-saving;
– Quick access to facades in the seated position with hook-on safety belt;
– Quick assembly and disassembly;
– Custom designs possible based on specifications jointly defined with the design department.

Technical characteristics

Maximum operating height 30 m
Weight 21.2 kg
Working load limit 120 kg