Individual single-unit cradle

Product description

The FIXATOR individual cradle is an alternative to the suspended platform, and differs in that the cradle only uses one electric or manual hoist for lifting one person.

The individual cradle is ideal for working in confined spaces and restricted access and can be deployed quickly at construction sites.

It can be suspended from hanging systems such as suspension beams or parapet clamps.

User benefits


– The individual suspended cradle can be used for different types of work in confined spaces.

Convenient and practical:

– Ideal for work in confined spaces and restricted access;
– Equipped with guide wheels;
– Ergonomic, light and easy to handle.

Technical characteristics

Compatible with hoist(s) e.lift 350; e.lift 501 or e.lift NEO 600m.lift 400
Mandatory Securichute safety lock yes
Maximum height 40 m
Working load limit 240 kg

The indispensable

Wheels under cradle
Facade support wheels

Highly recommended

Spring-loaded reel holder