Product description

MODULAHO is a temporary suspended platform (suspended scaffolding) ideal for carrying out work on facades at extended heights.

The MODULAHO platform is modular. It comprises platforms measuring 2 and 3 metres long, which can be assembled from 2 to 12 metres long with end bearing clamps. If c-stirrups are used, the MODULAHO platform can measure up to 16 metres long.

MODULAHO is compatible with electric, manual and pneumatic hoists (e.lift, m.lift and p.lift).

User benefits

Practical and simple:

– High degree of modularity – platforms measuring 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, and 3m long can be assembled;
– Quick assembly and disassembly with time-saving clip pins – no tools required;
– Easy transport/storage (reduced number of elements);
– Option to add an adjustable angle.

Convenient and safe:

– Ease of use;
– Ergonomic, easy to handle;
– Compact design – removable connection and end bearing clamps;
– Aluminium anti-slip platform;
– Connects to hoists fitted with safety locks (fall-prevention systems).

Technical characteristics

Length (m) From 1.5 to 16
Working load limit 900 kg

The indispensable

Facade support wheels
Wheels under platform

Highly recommended

90° Fixed Angle
Adjustable angle
Storage bin
Spring-loaded 2-reel holder
Universal single-unit end clamp
Fixeo clamp
Sliding end extension
Side extension
Guide wheels and rollers
Wheels under platform
Inflatable grey wheel stabiliser