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FIXATOR strengthens its expertise in the field of wind turbines

Bruno PATRON, President of FIXATOR, explains his approach to adapt the skills and expertise of employees in the field of wind energy.

"FIXATOR dedicated itself to the field of wind power more than 4 years ago. To ensure training in height work safety, in the field of wind turbine access, was evident in our development. In fact, we hired an engineer specialising in wind energy development and co-founded the Net-Wind Business Cluster (supported by the Pays de la Loire). We wished to train all stakeholders (engineering, production and sales team) in this new activity. A first session has just ended and 4 employees have been awarded their certificate of competency issued by the BZEE (Bildungszentrum für erneuerbare Energien). In the coming weeks, 4 other FIXATOR employees will be trained."

Training "Work and Safety at height for the wind energy industry"

FIXATOR has received competency certificates issued by the BZEE for 4 of its employees. After 35 hours in training at Le Mans GRETA (72), and having completed the necessary lessons on work at height on wind turbines, our trainees talk about their training.

Interview with Frederick D., FIXATOR technician:

"Initially specialized in the maintenance of electric winches, FIXATOR offered to train me in work at height safety in the field of wind energy. I had some doubts about working at a height. Then, during training at GRETA, I learned the applicable standards for working at height, as well as all the necessary and mandatory equipment checks. Once we learned the theory, we went on to the GRETA training tower. I put into practice all the lessons: everything depends on the application of safety rules, the proper use of personal protective equipment and on team spirit (...). The high point of the training is the Rescue module rescuing a victim on a wind turbine type ladder; I played the role of the victim! I was attached to my colleague with safety equipment and was fully dependent on him! "

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