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Suspended platform with roof and sliding doors

Three Gorges Dam - China

FIXATOR, through its subsidiary FIXATOR ASIA working throughout the Asia and Pacific region, was selected as the height access service provider on the Three Gorges Dam in China. For work in the dam locks, the height access system needed to fulfil the following requirements:

  • descend into a lock of 40 metres in depth;
  • have a strong suspended platform for working 75 days without interruption;
  • carry 6 people on board with their equipment;
  • quick removal and installation of the suspended platform;
  • ensure the safety of personnel by a fairing and a roof

To meet the specifications, FIXATOR tailored an easily removable and transportable temporary suspended platform, 3 meters long and with a curb weight of 500 kg. This suspended platform was designed and built with a roof, full fairing and sliding doors to ensure optimum security of the personnel on board.
To complete the service, the FIXATOR technical team conducted staff training to operate the suspended scaffold.


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