Services & supports


FIXATOR attaches great importance to ensuring that its distributors and authorised repairers receive proper training.

Initial and additional training courses are organised several times a year for the technicians and mechanics who are responsible for maintaining or repairing our equipment.

A training course generally takes place over two days and can be carried out:

  • At our production site located near Angers (Maine et Loire – 49 – France);
  • At your company;
  • Directly at the work site.

At the end of training, we issue certificates to authorised repairers for the products that have been explained, demonstrated and mastered during the course.

Training courses are also offered by our carefully selected network of partners who provide maintenance services for our lifting solutions.

We may or may not require mechanics training to be taken, or accreditations to be renewed if the qualifications covered by the latter no longer meet our qualification requirements. Please feel free to contact our team if you require any further information.

After-sales & Maintenance

As part of its annual maintenance and after-sales services, FIXATOR offers customers maintenance of its hoists, safety systems and electrical control boxes.

In addition to our network of authorised repairers, we have our own technical department exclusively dedicated to maintenance and after-sales services at our production site in the department of Maine et Loire (49), France.

To cover the maintenance needs of our equipment, we offer customers either annual contracts (packages) or on-demand services.

All maintenance operations completed by us or our authorised repairers are carried out with original parts and tested on a test bench before being returned.

Using original spare parts guarantees optimum operational reliability.


In case of a breakdown at a work site, FIXATOR implements the solutions necessary to assist its customers.

Once a thorough assessment of the breakdown has been conducted over the phone, we assign an after-sales service technician or authorised repairer to identify the source of the problem.

Our repair service makes every effort to ensure that these breakdowns are resolved quickly, in order to minimise downtime at the work site.

Assembly assistance

FIXATOR offers customers technical support for getting started with its equipment.

A qualified member of our team supports the site manager in setting up height access solutions, or implementing “customised” designs that require specific technical advice at the site.

Technical assistance also creates an opportunity to go over the user manual together and consider the various points to keep an eye on when starting up equipment to ensure optimum functionality, as well as the mandatory installation checks for carrying out work in complete safety. Our team is here to ensure that operators of our solutions have a clear understanding of how to use them optimally.

Equip yourself with complete safety

Check and test equipment every day

Apart from the regulated safety measures that apply, it is essential that suspended equipment is checked by a trained person on a daily basis.We advise our customers to carry out a daily visual inspection of all elements that influence the operational safety of a platform,in order to detect any deterioration caused by wear and tear and/orvandalism, which could create hazards in the workplace. The elements onp.6 of the inspection sheet we provide with our platforms (inthe control box) must be observed before work commences at the work site.Our inspection recommendations are also available in our instruction manuals for you perusal.

Periodic checks of suspended platforms

Periodic checks include an inspection of the physical condition of the platform and a dynamic test, among other things.

  • Motorised suspended platform: periodic checks are mandatory when the motorised platform has been installed for more than 6 months without movement (shifting);
  • Manual suspended platform: periodic checks are mandatory when the manual platform has been installed for more than 3 months without movement (shifting);